Professionally Written & Recorded

Experience custom without custom prices! You will choose from 2 templates of STELLAR songs with prewritten chords, melodies, and choruses. You and your sweetheart will have 3 personalized verses to make the song totally unique and special to you!  Your verses will be crafted with love and the entire track will be recorded with professional equipment, a sound engineer, and proper mixing. Your song will sound clear, high quality, and pro.


Professionally Written & Recorded to Fit You

The real deal. Your song will be written and recorded to fully embody the personality of your coupledom. The chords, melody, lyrics (verses and choruses) will all be personalized to fit your vibe as a couple. This song will be for and about you and only you, forever. Of course, you can expect professional recording equipment, a sound engineer, and proper mixing on your track as well. Fully custom means completely unforgettable ⁠— a once in a lifetime expression of your love.


  • Live Performance ⁠— price and eligibility by location​​

True Tones

  • Framed Lyrics

  • Wooden Lyric Plaque