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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the song once it has been written? 

Give Love Originals (or the contracted artist) retains 100% of the rights to all original songs. The recording is yours to keep, cherish, and share with friends, but all creative content, sound recordings, and performance rights belong to Give Love Originals (or contracted artist). We will let you know if your song gets chosen for a CD in the future!

Do listed prices include tax?

Yes. As of now!

Are there any rounds of editing included in the price?

Give Love Originals will do its best to work with you and make sure your song captures the essence of the person/people receiving it. Each client is entitled to up to 2 rounds of official revisions. Further revisions may be purchased upon request.

What forms of payment does Give Love accept?

Square is the preferred form of payment. Venmo is acceptable, as is check or PayPal. Credit cards can also be accepted over the phone through Square.

How will payment work?

GLO operates on a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We ask that you make a 25% deposit at the time of purchase. This deposit is non-refundable. You will have to pay the remaining balance in order to receive your song in its final form. On a case-by-case basis, GLO may accept payment plans.

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