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"Allie wrote me and my husband a song for our wedding that we will cherish forever. Forget broad love metaphors and dewy, rosy cliches; Allie got to the heart of exactly who we are together, why we work as a couple, personal quirks that I thought only me and my husband knew existed, and somehow captured our mission in life as husbands and put it to chords that made me cry. Allie's song for us was so personal. Thank you, Allie!" – Nathan & Brian (NY)

"Everyone should be given this gift!! This was quite possibly one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts we were given on our wedding day! It’s something we will cherish for years to come as a reminder of the early stage of our relationship! Not only were we utterly surprised when my sister-in-law called us up to the dance floor, but we could not believe our ears when the song began and it included personalized details of our lives. Allie included the perfect amount of humor and love that fit out personalities beautifully!! My husband and I flew out for our honeymoon the day after our wedding and listened to our song pretty much the whole way. I think we both have it memorized now!" -Tyler & Taryn (PA)


“I can't say enough how special this gift was to give my brother and sister-in-law. Give Love Originals made the entire process easy and fun from request to final product. Allie handpicked the perfect stories and quirks from my questionnaire to craft a song that embodied the essence of Tyler and Taryn's relationship. On their wedding day, we invited T&T up to the dance floor to reveal the song in front of all their friends and family. I will never forget the joy and surprise on their faces when they realized the song was about them! My brother and his bride chuckled and cried through every verse (as did the rest of us...!), and their personal song made an incredible day even more special. I can't imagine a more meaningful or timeless gift to celebrate their love. I still get chills when I listen! Thank you GLO!” - Kalli (CA)

"Omg I have no idea how you were able to write the most perfectly beautiful song that describes us so well and you’ve never met us!! I’m in love with this song!!! Makes me cry yet so happy!!" -Jeanne & Chip (MI)


"GLO wrote a wedding song for my husband and I, and listening to it together for the first time was one of the most special moments we've shared together! Our song made us laugh, cry and it was so 'us' that it almost felt like we wrote it. Our song aligns beautifully with our commitment to live each day with love, openness, and acceptance of self + one another. Thank you GLO!" -Courtney & Michael (CO)

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